Ixonia Bank donates $10,000 to Watertown library campaign

Ixonia Bank pledged to donate $10,000 to the Key to Opportunity Watertown Library Renovation and Expansion project and will have naming rights to the Adult Services Desk. From left are Peg Checkai, Watertown Public Library director; Erin LaCombe, assistant vice president, Watertown branch manager at Ixonia Bank; Mark Wierman, president at Ixonia Bank; Tom Pasch, vice president of commercial lending at Ixonia Bank; Dan Westrope, chairman and CEO at Ixonia Bank; and Kim Rahfaldt, Watertown Public Library board member. The library is close to meeting its $10 million goal.

IXONIA -- The Campaign Leadership Committee has announced Ixonia Bank will pledge to donate $10,000 to the Key to Opportunity Watertown Library Renovation and Expansion project. The bank will have the naming rights to the adult services desk on the second floor of the library.

"Ixonia Bank is committed to supporting the community of Watertown and its downtown revitalization efforts," Dan Westrope, chairman and CEO of Ixonia Bank, said. "Libraries make a strong contribution to the fabric of our communities and enrich the lives of all who experience their resources and programs."

"We are so thankful for Ixonia Bank's generous donation and to see local businesses support our renovation and expansion project which will provide expanded opportunities for people of all ages in our community," Watertown library director Peg Checkai said.

The budget for the new library is $10 million of which $4.38 million has been promised by the city (via a June 2018 resolution) as long as the library can secure at least $2.92 million of pledges and collect at least half of that by the end of 2019. Through the generosity of the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation, this is committed.

The current budget includes an additional $500,000 of in-kind parking lot development from the city. Funding to cover parking is under discussion. The Key to Opportunity community fundraising campaign has a goal of $5.0 million with $2.5 million (50%) to come from local and regional foundations; this is fully committed. The additional $2.5 million (50%) will come from people and businesses in Watertown. To date more than $2 million has been raised. A total of nearly $9.7 million has been secured for the new library center to date.

The public can support the library project by participating in the Paver Program. Information can be found at the library and area businesses. Three options are available for purchase for $100, $250 and $1,000. Every paver gift will be matched, dollar for dollar, by both the Watertown Community Foundation and the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation, therefore every dollar given will be matched with an additional $2.

The new Watertown Library Center will offer the key to opportunity with a modern, bright building design and programs and services that will engage, educate and enlighten the community.

The Watertown Public Library is working in partnership with the Greater Watertown Community Health Foundation to provide a TalkReadPlay Center to teach parents the science behind brain development and empower them to create more learning opportunities with their children to be their child's first teacher. The center will serve Watertown's children and families, and be a regional and statewide model.

Ixonia Bank was established in 1918 in Ixonia. Since then the bank has grown to offer services at six locations throughout Waukesha and Jefferson counties.

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