Romance is in the air, at least in Dodge County

When one thinks of Valentine’s Day, the image of love, romance, and maybe chocolates come to mind.

It is a day men and women try to make their partners happy with food, cards and gifts.

What better way to spend the day than to get married on the most romantic 24 hours of the year.

Valentine’s Day is a popular day to say “I Do” in Dodge County, but for some unknown reason, not as popular in Jefferson County.

Dodge County Court Commissioner Steve Seim will have a busy day today, as four couples will come before him to say their vows. He has one scheduled in the morning and four in the afternoon. Two coupes are from Beaver Dam, one from Waupun and the other from Ashippun.

Usually the number of courthouse weddings increase on Valentine’s Day, Seim said. “There is definitely more of an interest in Valentine’s Day,” the commissioner said. “And being a Friday this year, the number of weddings (in his court) has increased,” he added.

Seim said he has been presiding over weddings since 2003. He said on average, 80 to 90 weddings occur each year at the courthouse. During the past 17 years, he has presided at more than 1,000 ceremonies.

He also conducts outside weddings in the summer. He said one couple got married on horseback. Another couple rode all-terrain vehicles up the aisle in a renovated barn. “They left the same way,” he said.

“I did one wedding in a duck boat,” Seim said. “I guess they were big into duck hunting. The bride and groom, along with the wedding party, wore camouflage.”

Couples that get married at the courthouse come in all different attire, the commissioner said. “It is all over the map. I have had people in street clothes and a courtroom full of people with the bride in a gown and the groom in a tux.”

“I do look forward to doing weddings,” Seim said. “It is one of the happier duties we have here.”

Dodge County Clerk Karen Gibson said she was surprised there were only four weddings scheduled at the courthouse on Feb. 14. “I thought there would be more at the courthouse than four,” she said. But she looked, and only five marriage licenses were issued for the day.

Marriage licenses are issued at county clerk offices throughout the state.

“Not many marriages take place in February,” Gibson said.

There will be no rice tossed or celebrations at the Jefferson County Courthouse for Valentine’s Day. “We have no marriages in the courthouse on Friday, said Deb Schroedl of the Jefferson County Clerk’s office. “It is surprising.

“You think around the holidays people get engaged and Valentine’s Day would be popular,” Schroedl said.

“But not many licenses have been issued for February (in Jefferson County), Schroedl said.

For all of 2019, Jefferson County issued 441 licenses, compared to 458 licenses issued in 2018.

“Most, or the bulk of the licenses are issued in early fall. Late summer early fall, August and September, is the busiest time for us,” Schroedl said.

Maybe the cold weather has something to do with lack of weddings in February.

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