I-94 re-opened at Concord after suicide threat

CONCORD — The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department was able to de-escalate a potential rush-hour tragedy Tuesday morning on the County Highway F bridge over Interstate 94 after a person threatened to commit suicide on the structure.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department Chief Deputy Jeff Parker said that after negotiations with the person, the incident was able to be brought to a peaceful close and the individual was taken into custody. The person was then transported to a local hospital.

The County Highway F bridge at Concord — and I-94 in both directions — were closed from approximately 7:17 a.m. until 7:51 a.m. Parker said the call of the suicidal person came in to the sheriff’s department’s dispatch center at 6:46 a.m. Tuesday.

“These types of things are real personal and we don’t deal with the news media on these matters when people are in crisis,” Parker said in explaining the reasoning behind public information being limited on the incident. The suicidal person’s name, age and gender were not available, nor their potential manner of suicide.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office crisis intervention staff was present at the scene and was able to convince the person not to end their life.

“One of our staff members who has experience in crisis intervention techniques was there on scene and was able to communicate with the person in duress. They were able to bring a successful resolution to the situation by de-escalating the matter and talking the individual down,” Parker said. “We were then able to bring them into custody and have them turned over for further (psychological) evaluation to ensure their well-being.”

No injuries were reported as a result of the incident.

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