Watertown building costs in September up from August

The rate of building in Watertown for 2019 continue to be ahead of the rate for 2018.

The City of Watertown saw the estimated value for building in September rise to $1,255,589, up from the $597,486 for August. The amount of building permits also increased in September to 31 permits, while August had 27.

The year-to-date total is still significantly higher than last year’s total to this point. Thanks to a particularly busy July, which saw the building values reach nearly $9 million. The year-to-date total is currently at $19,938,649. This is up from the 2018 year-to-date total of $17,726,046.

However, the monthly total is 25% less than the monthly total for September of last year, which was $1,680,944

The most expensive build for the month is for a new home at 501 Windstone Court contracted by Loos Custom Homes totaling $307,048. This is followed by a waterproofed and drainage system installation by Maas Brothers Construction at 204 N. 10th St. for $220,000 and another new home by Loos Custom Homes for $210,320 at 906 Casey Drive.

The permits for the month were issued to: Loos Custome Homes for a new home at 906 Casey Drive, Everdry Waterproofing for a basement drainage system at 110 Hall St., Everydry Waterproofing for a basement drainage system at 1507 Sandy Lane, Robert Rowedder for a basement finish at 604 Green Ridge Circle, Joe Yan for a garage at 509 Hancock St., Granzow Home Improvement for a rec room at 227 West Haven Drive, Sally Smith for a chimney rebuild at 844 Briar Court, Robert Gutzdorf for a storage shed at 811 Oakwood Lane, J and L Steel for a tech ed addition at 825 Endeavour Drive, Terrance L. Krueger for a shed at 526 Humboldt St., Roger A. Bliefernicht for a concrete slab and frost wall for a future seasonal porch at 600 Carriage Hill Drive, Mike and Kayla Baum for a basement rec room at 504 Grey Fox Run, Dale Bruske for a new garage at 412 N. Washington St., Mike Hoefler for a storage shed at 824 Wild Rose Way, Maas Brothers Construction for a waterproofed and drainage system installation at 204 N. 10th St., Gregory Patzer for a storage shed at 1506 Wedgewood Drive, Ark Builders for a new home at 1511 Utah St., Chris Blum for a shed at 1314 River Drive, Chris Beyer for an 8 x 8 foot deck at 904 N. Water St., Badger Basement Systems, Inc. for an interior drainage system with sump pump installation at 1013 S. Eighth St., Dan Rahfeldt of Deerfield Properties, LLC for a second floor rebuild and new roof framing and footing at 118 N. Water St., Mike Hedrick for a detached garage at 915 Garfield St., Dan Rahfeldt of Deerfield Properties, LLC for a commercial interior remodel at 114 S. Fourth St., Quality Built Home for a platform lift at 106 E. Madison St., Loos Custom Homes for a new home at 501 Windstone Court, Faith Zoellick for a shed at 411 Union St., Michael and Christina Gleesing to replace the front steps at 405 S. Church St., Schoen Contractors to fix a deck, deck boards, rail and joists at 128 Corner St., Lori Ruehle for a egress window at 508 S. Third St., Elias Remodeling Inc. for a bedroom and bathroom remodel at 234 North Ave. and Shannon Angell for a new garage at 103 Fremont St.

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