HUSTISFORD — Administrators, custodians and educators were all deemed essential staff Monday at a special meeting of the Hustisford School District.

Also deemed essential were paraprofessionals and food service workers.

Hustisford School Administrator Heather Cramer said paraprofessionals will be helping with food preparation and delivery because the district will continue to serve both breakfast and lunch to students until school reopens or summer arrives. Paraprofessionals will also be tasked with lesson planning, too.

She said while her district is currently on spring break instructors are not in the school buildings teaching every day, but they are often coming in and preparing lessons for their students.

“We are continuing with our online learning and paper and pencil schoolwork for our students,” Cramer said. “While the teachers are here, they are maintaining social distancing and following the other safety protocols put in place.”

Cramer said she and the rest of the administrators such as the business director were deemed essential just as teachers. Also essential are the custodians.

“They are working because they are essential to day-to-day operations,” Cramer said.

She said the custodians are working hard to clean the classrooms, desks, walls and other areas in the district used by staff and students.

Cramer said next week when spring break is over hourly employees have the opportunity to work and get paid their regular wages. She also said a few employees are taking off from work and using their sick time they accumulated as pay. Cramer also said some are choosing to take time off without pay.

“Very few are choosing that option,” Cramer said. “But that is an option they can choose.”

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