In the past we’ve written about some huge and luxurious homes that have either been sold or on the market for sale and they simply boggle the mind.

One of them was the huge home in Door County, the largest in Wisconsin.

That home is located at 2177 Porcupine Bay Road in Ellison Bay. It has gone through a few owners. It was originally built buy philanthropist Judith Blazer, whose grandfather founded Miller Electric, now a part of Illinois Tool Works. It was later purchased, sight unseen, by a wealthy California man, for about $20 million. If we recall it correctly, he died before he could even see the house in person.

A lot happened since then. The house has 43 rooms and 35,000 square feet of space!

The most recent sale had it listed at $19.5 million but with no takers it was in a “name-your price” auction. The assessment on the property was just over $7 million and when all the dust settled, the sales price was $2.7 million.

That would seem to be a bargain unless you’re a person like us who would be bankrupt in a couple months paying only for the cleaning staff, let alone the property taxes!

Well, as big and luxurious as this home must be, there’s one out in California that outdoes them all.

A couple weeks ago the Associated Press carried a story about the most expensive home ever to be listed in America.

This home is in the Bel Aire neighborhood of Los Angeles, home of movie stars and many of great wealth.

This home is now listed for $250 million. Yep, just what would be perfect for Watertown!

This is a four level, 38,000 square foot mansion, only a few thousand square feet larger than Wisconsin’s largest home. But, we’re thinking the Bel Aire land is a big part of that.

The home is a “passion project” of developer and handbag tycoon Bruce Makowsky. It has 12 bedroom suites, 21 bathrooms, five bars, three gourmet kitchens, a spa, and an 85-foot infinity swimming pool with stunning views of Los Angeles.

And, by the way, it also has a 40-seat movie theater, a four lane bowling alley, a fleet of exotic and vintage cars worth $30 million that go along with the estate.

Seven full-time staff members that go along with the deal. So, the report says, if you want the best chef in the world, she comes along with the package. If you want a masseuse, you’re all set. The house has water features that go all the way around the house and get this, the house has stones from 50 different quarries from around the world. Makowsky says, “the most beautiful precious stones run throughout the house.

Makowski said he built the home on speculation, and he estimates there are only about 3,000 people in the world who can afford to buy it!

Then, of course, there has to be the question as to why this guy would go out on a limb and build an extravagant home like this.

His answer? “After being on major mega yachts across the world and on beautiful private aircraft, it didn’t make sense to me that people were spending $350 million on a boat, $100 million on a plane and they are living in $20 million and $30 million homes. The homes have not kept up with the toys. So my feeling is if you’re going to spend over 12 hours a day in your home it should be the most amazing experience in the world.”

He also said the house has been shown about 25 times since he put it on the market, and “people go in and use just about ever adjective going through half of the lower level. After that, there’s simply no more adjectives. They just become numb. Every single thing in this house makes you feel like you’re in heaven!”

And, then, his crowning comment is, “I truly believe the value is here” for him to set a price of $250 million! Well, value for someone, but not for us!

Hmmmm, makes you wonder if money really does make a person happy. Seems like it would be a lot of fun to enjoy that opulence, but there’s far more to life than that. What about family, friends, faith and so many of those things we all value?

Still we’d love to have the opportunity to visit this place and see it first hand, but somehow we’re guessing those who get the chance for the tour, will be pre-qualified financially.

Same went for that beautiful place in Door County. We would have loved to have received a tour of the home but somehow the realtor would take a look and decide “hey, this guy doesn’t have what it takes to live like this.”

Well, we could learn!


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