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A couple weeks ago we celebrated Easter in a traditional way. The day started with church services followed by a breakfast at the church. Things then moved to our home where nine family members assembled for the Easter dinner, including ham (what else), as the main food of the day. After the big dinner we all settled in and enjoyed a little conversation and some television before everyone headed on their way.

Our parents journeyed across town while our son and his family got in the car and drove back to Kaukauna, timing the trip to coincide with a little nap for the children.

But, there were two highlights prior to the dinner. Sunday morning we had our annual Easter egg hunt in the backyard and that brought smiles and laughter for the two children, each of whom were charged with finding 13 eggs, some filled with jelly beans, others with other snack delights and still others with a few coins.

It is always loads of fun to watch the children as they look for their eggs -- the blue ones for our young grandson and the pink ones for our older granddaughter. The granddaughter carefully coaxed her younger brother to find and place in his basket only the blue ones, saving the pink ones for her. Gradually he caught on and went all over the yard pointing out the pink ones for his sister.

As we watched the eyes grow larger and their strong smiles, we also took special note of the smiles on the great-grandparents who were there watching as each egg was found. We're still not sure as to who had the most fun -- great-grandpa and great-grandma or the two little children. It was probably a tie!

At those ages, 5 and 2, this is a big event. That will change with time but we enjoyed every minute of their hunt and will be ready for another chapter next year.

But, that wasn't the only exciting thing that happened on Easter weekend. We had decided earlier in the week that late afternoon on Saturday, the day before Easter, we'd visit a bit with our son and his family in Richardson, Texas, and we'd do it via FaceTime on our computer. We hooked it up to our large screen TV to make it easier for everyone to see.

It was a perfect Saturday afternoon in Dallas, hot and muggy, so it didn't surprise us that the setting was the family in the pool in their backyard.

Things started normal as we said hello to everyone, and then it only took a few minutes before our older grandson made the surprise announcement, telling us "mommy had a new baby in her tummy!" That brought a few tears of joy to both of us and after we caught our breath from that big announcement, grandma (my wife) asked the grandson if he'd like another brother or would he like a sister? He quickly blurted out matter of factly, "Grandma, that's already taken care of -- it's going to be another brother!" And both of the boys seemed very happy with that.

That gave us both a good laugh and some more tears! So, later this year that family will be expanded to five with three boys and mom and dad. Add to that the boy and girl from our other son's family and suddenly we have five grandchildren.

The grandchildren will be reunited later this summer when they meet for a few days in Richardson. In one way we'd love to be with everyone but on the other hand they probably need time together, and four grandchildren at one place at one time for a week could be pretty crazy! The Texas clan also told us this week they are planning to make a trek back to Watertown this summer as well. That family is 1,000 miles from Watertown, but we do manage to see them several times a year and of course FaceTime is also a great way to stay connected with them on a somewhat regular basis.

Getting old is not all fun, but having grandchildren has made us stop and realize how wonderful life really is. We have to take the time for those precious moments and enjoy them to the fullest.

As many of our readers know, these enjoyable times are short-lived and suddenly these little children grow up and have so many other things in their life that grandparents sometimes take a back seat to their peers and others. We've all been through that.

We dearly enjoy having the grandchildren around and at this point they are always excited to connect up with us.


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