50 Years Ago

Dec. 20, 1967

Watertown High School Pom Pom Girls are receiving their share of attention at the school's basketball games. Organized recently to encourage team spirit and student participation, the girls perform dance routines. Debbie Maas, Dottie Halverson, Peg Schoenicke, Karen Usher, Linda Schumann, Florence Dondlinger, Belva Krueger, Karen Fredrich, Belinda Krueger, Eileen Barthel, Darlene Wiedenfeld, Shari Neubauer and Peg Raether.

25 Years Ago

Dec. 20, 1992

A multiunit apartment complex received support from the Watertown Planning Commission Monday afternoon. Robert Herriott, agent for a group of owners of property at 860 N. Church St., appeared before the commission to detail plans for the parcel. The land is located just north of the new Endeavour Drive which will be the access to the new Watertown High School. Herriott said his clients proposed 16 four-family units on the property as a minimum at this time. He also said that in the future he may request that about half of the land be rezoned to allow for a higher density condominium development. The commission agreed to his plans in concept and to review the matter further after detailed plans are available.

10 Years Ago

Dec. 20, 2007

The Watertown Common Council Tuesday endorsed a resolution approving the conceptual plans submitted by River Mill Investments LLC for the redevelopment of the former Empire Globe property on South Water Street. River Mill Investments is in the process of considering the property for a mixed use of development and the city has previously entered an option agreement with the developing group for the purchase of the parcel. The first phase of the project will consist of two structures, one at the north end of the parcel and five two-story townhomes at the south end. The building to the north of the property will have about 11,275 feet of commercial space and 75 units for mixed income senior housing.

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