50 Years Ago

Dec. 28, 1967

Assemblyman Byron Wackett (R), Watertown, Jefferson County, and Assemblywoman Esther Doughty Lockhardt (R), Horicon, Dodge County, First District, were lauded today by Assembly Speaker Harold V. Froehlich (R), Appleton, for their accomplishments in the 1967 legislature. Both received letters from the speaker. Wackett was especially congratulated as chairman of the joint committee on finance. In his letter, Froehlich said that he felt the committee was the hardest working of its kind in legislative history. The committee was credited for subjecting the expenditure proposals to intense scrutiny to curb unnecessary state spending and taxing. "I owe you a debt of gratitude for persistence in holding the line," the speaker said. Mrs. Luckhardt was commended for her work as a member of three legislative committees and as chairman of one of them, especially for her work on the Assembly state affairs committee which conducted an extensive review of the dormitory housing situation at the state universities.

25 Years Ago

Dec. 28, 1992

Watertown Memorial Hospital's net income last year was $1.2 million, the hospital said. John Graf, vice president of financial services, said that was slightly below 1990's net income of $1.5 million. The hospital's figures concerning profits last year were compiled in an annual report released by the state Office of Health Care Information. The hospital reported a gross patient revenue of $17.3 million in 1991 but actually only collected $15.6 million, writing off $1.7 million in charges.

Expenses at Watertown Memorial last year were reported to be $14.6 million.

10 Years Ago

Dec. 28, 2007

Further proof it's a small world comes today with the personal recollections of former Watertown Mayor Fred Smith, who graduated from Harvard University with Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. Bhutto, an opposition leader, was assassinated Thursday in northern Pakistan as she left a campaign rally. Smith, who served as mayor of Watertown from 1992 to 2001 and is currently on the Watertown Common Council as 2nd District alderman in addition to serving as pastor at Watertown Community Church, graduated from Harvard with Bhutto in 1973. He told the Daily Times this morning her death is a loss for humanity. Smith met Bhutto when the two were embarked on undergraduate degrees, she at neighboring Radcliffe, the Harvard-affiliated school for women, and Smith at Harvard itself. The two schools have since unified.

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