50 Years Ago

May 31, 1969

The annual awards and installation banquet of the Watertown Jaycees and Jaycettes took place Saturday evening, May 31, at the Pyramid Supper Club. Chairmen for this year's formal event were Mr. and Mrs. William Kwapil Jr. Dinner was served at 7 p.m. with Glenn Rabenhorst, local Jaycee chaplain, giving the invocation. Master of ceremonies was Norm Anderson, newly elected state Jaycee President from Whitewater. Other guests included Mr. and Mrs. Ron Foster from Brookfield, state vice-president from region 2; state Jaycette president Mary Ann Wartinbee and her husband, and the newly crowned Miss Watertown, Miss Jane Pirkel. Following a brief introduction by Norm Anderson, Bill O'Brien, local Jaycee president, presented awards and certificates of appreciation to outstanding Jaycees. The following men received awards: Key Man, George Raether; Chapter Spoke Winner, Jim Becker; Chapter Spark Winner, Bill Schmidt; Chapter Speak Up Winner, Tom Lees; Bounce Back Award, Al LaBelle.

25 Years Ago

May 31, 1994

Through an inspirational, sometimes humorous, ceremony, the Watertown High School class of 1994 was honored by parents, friends and faculty Saturday morning. The temperature neared 80 degrees at Riverside Park as 234 graduates took their seats for the commencement exercises. About an hour and a half later, gripping their diplomas, the young adults hugged and posed for picture after picture as the high school wind ensemble played. Later that day, 39 students graduated with High School Equivalency Degrees from Madison Area Technical College. About 130 people attended the ceremony. Guest speakers were Bill O'Brien, president of Wisconsin WetGoods, and class representative Beverly Babcock.

10 Years Ago

May 31, 2009

WATERLOO -- The kickoff to the 2009 Farm Technology Days show that will be held at the Crave Brothers Farm LLC was held Wednesday when about 30 media representatives converged on the farm near Waterloo. Throughout the three-day event, July 21-23, visitors will have an opportunity to see the latest in technology, enjoy hands-on activities, view demonstrations and learn about new ways for "going green." "It is fun to see such a nice crowd show up," Mark Crave, the youngest of the four brothers, said about the media event. "This is just a sample of when July comes around," he said standing outside one of the farm's newest structures, a machine shed. In the past couple of years, the brothers have doubled the capacity for cattle and cheese production, Mark said.

50 Years Ago

June 1, 1969

Mayor Kenneth Wilkes reported to the city council Tuesday evening that the sewage disposal plant is now operating at or near capacity, and that a committee should be formed to discuss the future needs of the city in this area. He proposed a committee made up of the public works committee, with director of public works Floyd Usher as chairman, city disposal operator William Schlueter, and the mayor. The council approved the appointments. The present sewage disposal plant was placed in operation in May of 1955. The building was not only an addition to the plant which was constructed in 1932, but also gave a more complete treatment of the waste materials.

25 Years Ago

June 1, 1994

Rides aboard a historic 1929 Ford Tri-Motor will be just part of the festivities at Wisconsin Aviation's annual open house at the Watertown Airport Sunday. The "Tin Goose" was one of the first transport airplanes to be used regularly for business flying. It was flown continuously until 1973 when it was severely damaged in a heavy thunderstorm. The plane is powered by three Pratt & Whitney engines that develop 450 horsepower each. It is being made available by the Experimental Aircraft Association. The EAA's Aviation Foundation spent 12 years restoring the aircraft.

10 Years Ago

June 1, 2009

The Watertown Unified School District and schools throughout the state will be facing difficult times in the next few years. Faculty and staff members of the Watertown Unified School District received a letter by e-mail Thursday afternoon from Superintendent Dr. Doug Keiser informing them of major cuts to take place in the district in the next few weeks in response to a decrease in state aid. "We have gone to the 'well' so many times in the past, but it will be very difficult to make these additional cuts. With nearly 92 percent of our budget in 'fixed costs' such as transportation, salaries, fringe benefits, property and liability insurance and utilities, there is not much room to find cuts that won't impact students and staff," Keiser said.

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