50 Years Ago

Nov. 30, 1967

Home building in Watertown is on the increase. In the first 11 months of this year, seven more permits for residences have been issued by Orville Rettig, city building inspector, than permits issued for all of 1966. Thus far permits have been issued for 43 residents.

Permits for two duplex units have been issued thus far this year, compared to one last year. Indications are that the total of building permits will reach the $2 million mark this year. Through November the total was $1,935,225. During the past month construction permits totaled $71,650, of which $63,000 is for three new homes.

25 Years Ago

Nov. 30, 1992

Dick and Kate Peterson, owners of Krier's Store for Men in Watertown, have opened a second store in Winona, Minn. The new Krier's is located in the Plaza Square building in space formerly occupied by Esquire Court, a men's clothing store that closed earlier this year.

While on a visit to Winona, the Petersons discovered that Winona was a "very nice community" without a men's store. The new store, which opened last week, carries moderate priced merchandise similar to the Watertown store. Dick Peterson said the store sells quality men's sportswear and dresswear, including name brands. The Petersons have family ties to Winona. Kate's father, Ambrose, was born in Winona. He started the Watertown store over 40 years ago. The Petersons bought the business from him 12 years ago. Dick Peterson has been associated with the Watertown store for 23 years.

10 Years Ago

Nov. 30, 2007

Watertown's Riverfest celebration showed a loss of $23,333 in 2007, a deficit caused primarily by poor weather on Saturday of the event, Tom Schultz, chairman of the festival, told volunteer leaders at a dinner at Turner Hall Friday evening. Schultz said, "The rains on Saturday slowed all of our revenues, including the important raffle sales, and that loss was more than we could pick up on Sunday." The weather conditions forced the postponement of the popular fireworks to Sunday evening. The overall gross receipts for the festival were $402,230 and the expenses were $425,563, leaving the $23,333 deficit for the year. That deficit will be covered by past profitable years.

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