50 Years Ago

July 22, 1969

Announcement is made today of the sale of one of Watertown's well known and one of the city's oldest business establishments. Donahue Motors, 207-11 North Third Street, has been sold to J. and J. Motors, 1020 East Main Street. The sale was announced jointly by Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Donahue, owners of Donahue Motors, and Clifford Tiffany and Clarence H. Buedler, owners of J. & J. Motors and Delwin Hintzmann, co-purchaser and sales manager. The firm is the dealer for Chrysler and Plymouth cars and International trucks. Mr. and Mrs. Donahue have operated Donahue Motors for the last 41 years. all told, Cliff Donahue has been associated with the automobile business for 51 years.

25 Years Ago

July 22, 1994

Seventh grade science teacher Peter Watts won't be able to fit his answer in a 100-word essay. He's been across the state, studying prehistoric rock formations, glacial drumlins and the effects of acid rain on the pristine waters of Lake Superior. Watts is one of 17 earth science educators participating this year in the Earth Science Resource Associates program, directed by the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters. An advocate of environmental education, Watts has worked as a naturalist with the state Department of Natural Resources for three years. He was an assistant curator in geology at the Milwaukee Public Museum from 1982 to 1985 while studying at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Sitting at a computer in his basement classroom at Riverside Middle School, Watts was surrounded by rocks and bones. Fittingly, he said with a chuckle, the room is nicknamed "The Cave."

10 Years Ago

July 22, 2009

Huge crowds of people from throughout both counties visit Watertown every year to see the annual Fourth of July Parade. Bob Lueck, of Watertown, has played a big role in making the parade a success. He'll be stepping down from the position as parade chairman this year after organizing the parade for 27 years. "I liked getting the parade lineup made so that the right units are next to each other," Lueck said. "We also try and add something new each year to make it better so it has an effect on the audience. I wish I could keep doing it but I decided it was just too much."

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