50 Years Ago

June 27, 1969

The Park and Recreation Commission is recommending the purchase of 2.44 acres of land to be added to the city's park system. The land has been offered to the city by Herbert Munzel for $8,000.The commission recommends the purchase for $5,000, but only if federal funds are available. Application for these funds must be made through a state agency. Purchase would require City Council action. The property is located at the west end of the old brick yard.

25 Years Ago

June 27, 1994

The tavern business is sometimes brutal. Competition can be stiff and ever-changing laws governing the drinking age can be difficult for bar owners to enforce. Ken Kurtz, however, who is retiring as owner and operator of Ken's Tap in Watertown, says his more than three decades in the business have been enjoyable and profitable. This week Kurtz, 62, took a seat on a well-worn stool on the customer's side of his bar for a change. Here, he reminisced about his 30 years of serving customers at 300 E. Madison St. It was here that he began selling tap beers for 10 cents in 1964 after buying Ole's and Vi's tavern. At that time, Kurtz could only afford to purchase the business, and its tables and chairs. Later, he was able to buy the building.

10 Years Ago

June 27, 2009

JUNEAU -- A piece of furniture is how Juneau resident Paul Marose described his role in the upcoming movie release of "Public Enemies." "They dress you up and put you where they need you. "I am living proof you don't need a pretty face to get in a movie," Marose joked about his role in the upcoming flick on the life of John Dillinger. "Everyone wants to go and see the movie and see me in it. But they may be disappointed," the attorney from Juneau said. He has high doubts his face will make the big screen. But it was well worth the experience, he said.

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