50 Years Ago

May 1, 1969

Two Watertown Senior High School students were singled out for recognition Wednesday evening at the 27th annual Junior Achievement Awards Celebration held at the Milwaukee Auditorium. They are Robert Kopplin and Janice Paradies. Both were selected officers of the year. Kopplin received a $250 Scholarship from the state Junior Achievement Association at the meeting Wednesday. It will be given to him through the University of Wisconsin, which he will be attending next year. Miss Paradies was awarded a $5 savings bond during the meeting.

25 Years Ago

May 1, 1994

Residents of the Watertown Unified School District won't see suggestion boxes around town but are encouraged to talk with school board members about their ideas. The board defeated a measure to implement suggestion/comment boxes in the district by a 3-6 vote last week. Members Denise Barker, Kirby Brant and Paul Lange voted to install the boxes. Board members in opposition to the boxes insisted they were in favor of open communication, but said the boxes would be difficult to maintain. After voting down the suggestion boxes, the board unanimously agreed to support the formation of parent-teacher organizations at the middle and high schools.

10 Years Ago

May 1, 2009

JEFFERSON -- More than a dozen public rail crossings from River Valley Road in Ixonia to Milford Street in Watertown are proposed for renovation in the coming years to accommodate possible high-speed rail when the Soo Line Railroad Co. adds a second set of tracks parallel to the line already in place. A public hearing was held on the matter Thursday at the Jefferson County Courthouse. In a March 12 letter, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation petitioned the Office of the Commissioner of Railroads for the alteration of public crossings of the Soo Line Railroad Co. tracks in the town of Ixonia, town of Watertown and city of Watertown. Jefferson County, the DOT and Soo Line propose to use federal economic recovery funds to install the second mainline track on the railroad's Watertown Subdivision between Pewaukee and Watertown during 2009.

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