JOHNSON CREEK -- Three Oaks Health, 480 Village Walk Lane, Suite F, Johnson Creek, will expand this winter to offer additional services to its patients.

The clinic, established in January by Dr. James Milford, strives to provide a unique patient experience focused on fostering lifelong relationships.

"We want Three Oaks Health to be known for the authentic and long-lasting relationships we foster with our colleagues, our patients and our peers and partners," said Jackson Milford, clinic administrator.

The team at Three Oaks Health hopes the clinic will serve as a model of great health care delivery, in an industry which increasingly values competition and uniformity.

"We seek to demonstrate that relationship-based care, while requiring greater initial investment, results in more efficient, effective and rewarding health care delivery," Jackson Milford said.

The clinic will be adding 1,200 square feet. The addition will include three more exam rooms, an expanded waiting area and a conference room. Jackson Milford said the new space will allow them to offer extended services like women's health and advanced care planning.

The expansion, currently in the design stage, is planned to be completed by winter and will allow the clinic to hire additional personnel including nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and medical assistants.

Dr. James Milford founded Three Oaks Health after working for hospitals in the area for more than 20 years. He said his philosophy "centers around honesty."

"Our practice is focused around giving patients choice. It's not what we expect of them, it's what they expect of health care," James Milford said. "They are the consumer after all. Patients can meet their goals when their care team is upfront with them. "The lynchpin is the relationship. It must be genuine and based on trust and transparency, by every member of the team including the patient. The result is a patient who experiences a better quality of life and meets their goal."

Three Oaks Health works to put the emphasis back on the relationship between patient and provider.

"We hope if patients feel more empowered in our office, they will become more engaged and critical consumers. Perhaps then, positive change in health care would ensue," James Milford said.

The clinic provides family medicine including annual exams, work physicals, pediatric and adolescent medicine including immunizations, school and sport physicals, women's health, geriatric care, home visits, palliative and hospice care, dermatology and minor surgery and urgent care.

"Our vision is to be a small catalyst for change in health care," James Milford said.

The clinic has 1,700 registered patients and continues to grow at a rate of 100 patients per month. It is also offering more lab tests in house, additional procedures and is focusing on its quality measures.

For more information about Three Oaks Health go to or call 920-542-3010.

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